Decentralized Banking Solutions

We leverage on the latest technology to achieve seamless integration and speed with the lowest possible cost.

1 Click to Receive Fund

1 Click for Remittance

1 Click for Payment

1 Click for Financing

1 Click to Fiat
(Beta testing in progress)

FINX provides a hassle free, fast, efficient and easy way to send fund.

Fast & Hassle Free to send fund

Ease of Usage

Low Transaction Charges

1 Click for Remittance
(License application submitted)

Low cost remittance with just a tap of your finger.

Across Global Border

Instant Transactions

Lowest Fees

1 Click for Payment
(Merchant integration testing)

It has never been easier to make payment instantly.

No Intermediaries or 3rd Parties

Secured Transactions

Instant Payment

1 Click for Financing
(Coming soon in 2021)

Instant approval of micro loans powered by decentralized technology.

Secured & Personalized

Instant Decisioning

Affordable Rates

FINX Roadmap

It become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate for transactions.

July 2018

FINX Started Operation

September 2018

FINX Commence Developments

December 2018

FINX Smart Wallet

(Beta Testing)

February 2019

FINX Debit Card

(Beta Testing)

September 2019

• Commence operation in Singapore

• FINX Smart Wallet live on appstore

October 2019

Launch Withdrawal Function

2021 - 2022

FINX Launch in Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines